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Library Fun!

We've added Library Visits to our collection of memorable events for you!


Ca$h Money and I visited beautiful Claymont Library for a reading, a tutorial on the correct way to approach and pet a dog and the handing out of

'sWag Bags' to every child who attended. You can probably tell by the pictures below that a howling good time wash had by all!

The Reading

We'll have an animated reading of 'The Street Dog'. I love to get the kids to speak out and participate in the event!


Please E mail me for pricing and your specifics. We're flexible!

Educational Programs

My Muse can come with me on the visit. If his presence is requested, we'll fit him into the fun! Ca$h Money is a registered Service Dog and is very well behaved. He lies quietly close to me during the reading and at this particular event we held a tutorial on the correct way to approach a strange dog for petting. I supplied a hand-out on the subject and the kids got to practice their new skills on him. He was the Star of the Day!

Personalized Copy of 'The Street Dog'






Each Library will receive their own complimentary signed and dated copy of 'The Street Dog' to add to their circulation!

"Hi Jill:  It truly was a pleasure meeting you and I can't thank you enough for the awesome job you (& Ca$h) did.  I have nothing but good feedback (rave reviews).  The program was a success and Ca$h was a BIG HIT!!!  Everyone - the children & adults - enjoyed the program very much.  I most definitely will recommend you as I go about and hope to possibly bring you back to Claymont Library as part of our Fall/Winter schedule." - Whittona Burrell, Friends of the Claymont Library Organization




"Thank you for doing such a wonderful program! Thank you for the book--I absolutely love the pawtograph! :)  It is currently being added to our collection at Tech Services and we will have it out on display soon! Thank you again and I will definitely share your program with other libraries!" - Beth Kloetzer, Manager of Claymont Library




"... the children really enjoyed your story and Cash Money, too.

Incidentally, in telling my husband that your brought your dog and your presentation included the safety factors, he was very impressed.  Great job!"  - Anita Sterling, Membership Chair / Communications Editor for Friends of Claymont Library