Bring Walt Home for the Holidays!


Walt is a 'street dog'. He has great adventures and wonderful friends. But sometimes he wonders...


...what if someone loved me? What if I found a forever home?


        So begins the story of Walt. 


I both wrote the story and crafted the pictures. My book is being offered at $12.00 plus shipping, for the 2017 Holidays. Just click the 'Buy the Book' button and send me an E Mail with your order. Please feel free to include any inscription or personalization you might want on the title page - it would be my pleasure.


Keep reading, 

Keep writing


Keep creating!


Thanks for helping get the Walt Word out there!



Meet the Pack:


Walt - the Leader

Klaus - the Protector

Bones - the Thinker

Poppy - the Clown


...and another 'little character' to be introduced in 'Walt and the Little Sister' - planned for June 2016!